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So the Jets are coming back (I refuse to believe they’ll be called anything else), and that is good.  I have found memories of the Jets games, from getting hit by a puck (luckily it didn’t strike my beautiful face) to those ice cream treats that I’ve yet to find anywhere else.  And let’s not forget the time I screamed so loudly selling 50/50 tickets that it was beyond stupid, yet not one person mentioned that I was actually damaging ear drums.  Or what about the bathrooms… I could go on all day.

But instead, I’m going to complain, because that’s more bloggy.  My wife and son almost met Bono the other day, when he was at the Burt.  But she didn’t because of a loud-mouthed union staffer with a bullhorn who decided that it was somehow appropriate to scream at honoured guests in front of children and infants.  That resulted in Bono being swept away by his bodyguard, and may have directly resulted in the misspelling of Winnipeg as “Winipeg” during the concert.  (Okay, that last one’s a stretch.)

But seriously?  How do unions think this supports their mission?  Unions were created to promote the cause of workers, but now they are better known for cronyism, bullying and stunts like this.  Who does that help?  Not the workers.

So now U2 may decide that Winnipeg is no longer a viable tour stop; when you get blacklisted by the one group that is known for social justice and the promotion of rights, that’s a good sign that you’re doing it wrong.

Seriously, I don’t like to union bash because unions were (and probably should still be) essential to guaranteeing the rights of workers.  But I’m finding it more and more difficult to keep my mouth shut at this kind of activity.

But enough about that… back to the Jets.  I’ve made a commitment to support our team, and I urge you to do the same.  Buy season tickets if you can afford them, or see about sharing season tickets with friends or fellow fans.  But barring that, just make the pledge that you will support your team however you are able.

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