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So now the province is responding to the surprisingly popular sentiment by the Provincial Tories to ban mobile photo radar.  They are going so far as to have a big press conference to talk about this very subject.

UPDATE: The NDP government refuses to refund money, calling the unjust issuance of tickets a “legal technicality” and saying that it’s the city that didn’t want to give the money back.  I wonder if a class action suit will be coming.

See Winnipeg Free Press

As the loyal opposition for the province of Manitoba, why can’t the Tories bring about this kind of result on the big issues that have been dragging this province down for over a decade?  Where is the Tory campaign to save health care?  Where is the Tory campaign to deal with the death by neglect of aboriginal Manitobans?

The answer: the Tories put politics above all else, and they see photo radar as a way to make the NDP bleed.  So the NDP will respond, and will do their best to marginalize the Tory position, and they’ll probably succeed, as Crocus and the “Vote Tax” issues show.  You see, the NDP puts politics above all else, too, and they’re better at it.

There is only one party that puts principle before politics in Manitoba, and that can be seen time and time again by the work of the Liberal party on all of the issues that matter.  The Liberals aren’t into the “flavour of the month” style of politics demonstrated by the PCs and NDP; that’s why the Liberal platform is the most reasoned and respected of the Manitoba parties.

As more Manitobans compare the fad politics of the other parties with the common sense policies of the Liberals, they’ll see that there’s only one party that puts the task of making Manitoba better first.

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